College Football

Having grown up with a family who loves college football, it was always weird to me that people from other regions weren’t as emotionally involved in football as my family and my friend’s families were. As I grew up however, I realized that I wasn’t just part of some weird, sports-obsessed family, I was a part of Southern culture. College football is Southern culture. Between the months of August and January, it’s all anyone ever talks about. And for those sad, depressing months when college football doesn’t take over our entire lives, we are dreaming and preparing for that glorious weekend when it will once again return and make everything better. Football in the South isn’t just something that we watch to pass the time. It is, literally, a way of life. 

This video gives a short clip of what it’s like inside Sanford Stadium on any given Saturday. The whole stadium comes alive to cheer on our beloved Bulldogs. The same enthusiasm can be seen in any football stadium throughout the South.

This video shows pictures of my family, friends, and I at UGA football games. These pictures span over my entire life, which shows how important football has been to me ever since I was a young girl. I am one of thousands of children who have grown up immersed in the lifestyle that all Southerners know and love: college football on Saturdays.